Empowerment for Parents and Readers

We believe in the power of reading.
We believe in the power of education.
That’s why we started The Reading Village—to help parents and readers access learning tools that will empower them to improve their literacy skills.

Our Mission is Simple.

We want all children to feel confident about their reading abilities by providing them with the resources they need for success in school and beyond.

Our Games

Orton-Gillingham programs are based on brain-research and are proven to work but educators often find that the children need a little fun in their lessons. The Reading Village games help build reading skills and confidence in the child by reinforcing a new skill as well as previously taught material.

Games help create a positive experience and motivate students without the need for technology! We created card games that focus on specific skills that need a little more practice. We understand that it takes a village to teach a child how to read so let’s all play together. The games are intended to be used by the entire village: child, parent, siblings, and educators.


The right connection is essential when teaching struggling readers.

By working with a child’s unique learning style, success can be achieved.

Professional Development

We may not be able to control every factor that impacts our students’ success, but we can control our instruction.

Professional Development topics include:

  • Orton-Gillingham Based Programs

  • Syllables are the Key

  • What’s in Your Toolbox?

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

  • Creating a Successful Speller

  • Finding the Right Reader

  • The Power of Explicitly Teaching Writing

  • On the Go Learning

  • Comprehension Strategies to Truly Engage the Reader

  • Fostering the Potential of the Dyslexic Mind

Have questions or want to get started?

“It makes me happy helping others believe in themselves.”

-Stacey Roselli, Founder/Owner of TRV

Our Goals

Goal of games:

  • Practice reading isolated words
  • Provide incentive
  • Provide additional homework
  • Add excitement to homework
  • Promote language development

Who can play?

Helpful to beginning readers, struggling readers, English language learners, homeschoolers, reading teachers, learning specialists, resource room teachers, tutors, teacher assistants, parents, siblings.

*Adaptable to any Orton-Gillingham based lesson

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“We have seen so much growth in Jack and we know it is due to his special relationship with you. Even though reading is so difficult, you help him feel comfortable and secure. He is realizing his true potential and it is magical!”

Katie & Jim B