Empowering Young Readers Through Hard Work and Play

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Restart your Child’s Love of Learning


The right connection is essential when teaching struggling readers. By working with a child’s unique learning style, success can be achieved.


Teach the Way They Learn


Educators should be cheerleaders and champions for every student. Learn ways to guide a struggling reader to success.

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The Power of Play & Enjoyment

Games & More

Being playful is a powerful tool that can help motivate children and boost brain power. Let’s play!


reading training for dyslexia

About Us


Stacey Roselli is an Orton-Gillingham educator, with almost two decades of experience, whose expertise and passion is helping students with language-based learning differences, specifically dyslexia.

In 2014, Stacey opened The Reading Village, a private educational organization where she works with children from kindergarten to high school.

She provides specialized training in the skills necessary for teaching reading, spelling and writing. In addition to working with students, Stacey teaches workshops to teachers including how to implement research-based reading curriculum.