About Us

Why The Reading Village?

The Reading Village provides educational tools and empowerment for parents and readers. We are dedicated to helping readers become confident, capable learners.

These terms shape our identity and our mission. They guide our actions and our beliefs.
They are integral to who we are and how we operate.


We build relationships with our readers and parents to build the best foundation for learning.


We take a child-first approach to learning, leading with compassion and understanding.


Our goals are all centered around the growth of our readers.


Strong partnerships with readers and parents are key to mutual success.


Confident readers become confident learners. Every reader in our program


We are dedicated to every reader equally, making sure they have tools they need.

Game On

When reading is a challenge, it takes a lot of motivation to help persevere. We understand just how exhausting the task can be so we created card games to bring some fun and friendly competition to the adventure.

Track Progress

It’s important for you and your reader to track their progress. We use data from proficiency tests to record progress. There is nothing like sharing an assessment with parents that have us all tearing with happiness!

“Stacey is no ordinary tutor! She’s become family and has literally helped save our son from a world of frustration and self-doubt. Stacey started working with Josh the summer after first grade when he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Josh is reading at grade-level and is now a super-confident middle schooler.”

-Susan R., parent


Listen to Ms. Stacey on a Podcast!

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