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Homeschooling your Dyslexic Thinker

Available for K-8

You are a homeschool parent. You are motivated and hard-working. You want to provide the best educational experience for your child, yet you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right. You may be wondering why reading is so difficult for your child. You may be comparing your child to a younger sibling who is already reading or noticing your child avoid reading altogether. You may even be wondering if your child has dyslexia.

You are not alone; our team is here to support you! We always start from where the family is in this process; and, together, we figure out the best way forward. We offer a menu of options, since we know that homeschooling is a choice that requires a high level of personalization.

Are you and your family looking for full support for your child, or more of a hybrid where we can work together as a team?

Let us craft a curriculum for your child or let us craft one together. 

We offer several paths and the one you choose depends on what is best for your family. 

Let’s work together to create a village of support!

We offer Dyslexia Intervention in:

Language Arts



Social Studies

Our team model is designed to source the expertise, knowledge, and creativity of seasoned teachers, so that each family can choose to vary the level of participation in their child’s academics. Our goal is to help create a successful homeschooling experience. 

We are excited to work with your family to develop the tools, skills, knowledge, and learning experiences best suited to your child. Share your specific preferences regarding your level of involvement and your child’s needs, and together we will develop a homeschool experience for your dyslexic thinker.

Kind Words

From Parents

I want to begin by expressing my gratitude for Stacey and her whole team at The Reading Village. To say they have changed my son’s life is not an understatement!

We came to Stacey confused about his diagnosis and unsure of the next steps. Stacey and her team’s deep knowledge base, and their enthusiastic, encouraging, and research-based approach to reading is just what we ALL needed (me included) in order to wrap our head around this new path for learning. Everyone on the team is excellent, engaged, highly responsive, and invested in my son’s success.

This year we went all in, utilizing the homeschool program, and I wish we had started sooner. I was worried about the effectiveness of homeschooling and most specifically Zoom tutoring for my son (who can be easily distracted and is a wiggle worm). But the Zoom tutoring has been convenient and very effective. His tutors know how to keep him engaged and his progress speaks for itself! Plus, as a parent, it is nice to have a front row to seat to exactly what he is leaning.

In just a few short months my son is reading up a storm, and almost more importantly, TRYING to read everything. He may not get it right every time but he has the confidence to try!

I feel so fortunate to have found Stacey and The Reading Village and to be giving my son the gift of an education that is tailor-made for his specific needs.


Mom of a 2nd grader

Thank you all SO much! I couldn’t have imagined for a better team for Hudson! I am so grateful and excited for his new learning adventure! It is exactly what he needs and I am blown away by all of your skills as teachers and your ability to get Hudson excited about learning again! ❤️🙌 Yay team Hudson!!

Susan H


My son struggled with reading in kindergarten, and I sensed something might be wrong; but, I thought the teachers would notify me if they felt he may have dyslexia. They never did. Finally, after years of struggling with reading, accompanied by behavioral and self-esteem problems, we tested him privately in 4th grade. We were then directed to Stacey Roselli at the Reading Village by our testing psychologist. We pulled him from school, so he could devote his energy intensively to reading by meeting with her three times a week.  Stacey entered my son’s life and completely changed its trajectory.  She was part counselor in addition to a reading tutor. He learned an exorbitant amount of reading as well as how to cope with life as a dyslexic thinker.  In 6th grade, he scored a 5 on his English FSA. Now, he is in 7th grade and excelling in Cambridge Honors English  – the highest English available at school.   Not only has he excelled at school, but he also feels better about himself. I cannot recommend Stacey Roselli and her team at the Reading Village enough! Thank you, Stacey! 

Emily J


Homeschooling has been an incredibly positive experience. School used to be a burden. Homework used to be a burden. I have never seen our daughter want to learn before.


Dad of a 6th grader

I was hesitant about virtual learning, but it really has been such a blessing. It has been so convenient for our growing family. It’s so helpful just having to turn on the computer. The girls have learned so much.


Mom of a 2nd and 3rd grader

Kind Words

From Students

Thank you so much for everything. It has been the best time of my life working with you all. You are the best I could have ever asked for. You have all helped me so much. I have improved in my reading, math, and writing. You are all so amazing.

From a 6th grade homeschooler

I have learned so much this year. I am reading better and I understand more of what I am reading. I am more confident. I love meeting with you. I always have a lot of fun.

From a 3rd grade homeschooler

I love working with you. Back in school, it was really hard to learn how to read. Now that I am with you, it has become much easier. Now there are fun learning games. I learn at a nice slow pace. I learn something and just don’t just learn something else. I keep working on it. I really think you have helped me a lot. Thank you so much for helping me.

From a 4th grade homeschooler

I can read books now that I couldn’t before. It’s lots of fun to learn with you. 
From a 2nd grade homeschooler

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