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Love learning again.

We are born curious creatures so wouldn’t it be great to have your child’s curiosity ignited once again?

When your child begins working with The Reading Village, informal diagnostic assessments are used to tell how a student performs with specific skills. The results show the student’s strengths and what skills need to be learned. Assessments are used to plan instruction, track progress, and to determine the student’s response to the intervention.

If your child is not making sufficient progress through their current schooling/intervention, trust your instincts and get them the help they need now. Early intervention can make a huge difference down the road. Contact The Reading Village to set up a meeting, or a call, and see how we can work together to be our children’s cheerleaders.


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Professional Development


We may not be able to control every factor that impacts our students’ success, but we can control our instruction.

Retrain the Brain

Individual or Group Instruction

Students’ brain activation patterns can change when a reading impairment is addressed with intensive and well-designed instruction. With effective remediation, the brain responds. Learn how to use and implement an Orton-Gillingham based reading program for tutorial sessions or whole class instruction.

We work with what you need. The Reading Village presents on a variety of topics and is happy to bring the workshop to your school. The trainings are designed to inspire your team and have you feeling confident in your ability to implement what you have just learned to the classroom. The more you know, the better equipped you are to guide a struggling reader. Learn something new and then pass it along!

Topics Include:

  • Orton-Gillingham Based Programs

  • Syllables are the Key

  • What’s in Your Toolbox?

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

  • Creating a Successful Speller

  • Finding the Right Reader

  • The Power of Explicitly Teaching Writing

  • On the Go Learning

  • Comprehension Strategies to Truly Engage the Reader

  • Fostering the Potential of the Dyslexic Mind

"This course was exceptional! I feel confident as a teacher to share my knowledge with my students. I appreciate Stacey’s knowledge on this topic, her enthusiasm, and her excellent teaching style. This is the best course I have truly ever taken."

Sharon M.

Kindergarten teacher of 28 years

"Thank you! Thank you for ALL that you are doing to ensure we get the most out of our training. From now on when someone says “someone has gone above and beyond” ­ I will always think of you! Your passion, energy, and knowledge seep through your pores. I am excited about our journey and the wonderful things to come!"

Aileen P.

Dean of Faculty

"Stacey is an amazing presenter. She keeps a good pace, keeps participants involved, gauges interest and comprehension, and allows for flexibility based on the needs of her audience. Not to mention she is exceptionally knowledgeable."

Tiffany M.

Speech and Language Pathologist

"This workshop was an eye opener! I was never taught how to teach reading and spelling in college or over my years of professional development classes. Stacey broke down each skill in such an organized and knowledgeable way to us."

Katy F.

1st­ grade teacher

What I appreciated the most was the passion that Stacey brought to the training. It made everything she taught more meaningful along with the background research to support everything. She also personalized the training for our needs and levels."

Rosita D.


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